About Us

Mark and Leasa are a simple home based family and we had an idea for a toy to use on a trampoline after watching one of our sons jumping on a skate deck with some shoes stuck to it.

As we started doing some drawings and designs on paper sitting together in our backyard X-Tramp was born the name came from extreme trampolining because all these sports had just come out at the time and we felt that this fell into the same mould.

From there a lot of time passed due to raising a family and running a business and eventually the time came to bring out our product, it has taken a great deal of persistence, patience and research to get where we are today. We are very proud of this venture as it has been done as a family whether it be and ear to whinge to a cuddle to congratulate.

We hope you love it as much as us.

Happy Trampolining.

Mark and Leasa